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Boot Camp Challenge

Sep 22, 2023

Hi, my friends, I hope you are having a most awesome day!

I invited back one of our most favorite guests, Abby Langer, a Toronto-based registered dietitian and the author of the best-selling book, Good Food, Bad Diet. 

If you haven’t met Abby yet, here’s a quick rundown;
-    She is the author of the bestselling book, Good Food, Bad Diet.   
-    She is a total gangsta when it comes to myth-busting. Like straight up in her blogs, on her social media, in the national news organization, and on our podcast. She has no problem calling out the charlatans and dares us to look at the truth. #truthteller
-    She’s funny and wicked smart. And she cusses, which makes me laugh.

Here are some of the topics we covered in this episode;
-    Gut health (yep, those supplements are a LIE).
-    Diet Coke will kill you (again, another LIE).
-    Can you get enough estrogen from food (nope!).

We also talk about the new weight loss drugs (Wegovy and Mounjaro) and how they are changing the world, how changing your diet is so much more than just changing your food, and loads more.  

If you have any time, I would LOVE for you to listen to Abby. I am so excited to share her knowledge, education, and her sense of humor with you. She is amazeballs!
One more thing, please continue to send me your ideas, comments, and suggestions (Abby Langer was one of them!). YOU are why I do what I do.

Love you,

PS: If you want to follow Abby on social, her Instagram is @langernutrition, Twitter - @langernutrition, Facebook – Abby Langer Nutrition.