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Boot Camp Challenge

Jul 17, 2018

Hey friends, I hope you are rockin your week!

I want to introduce you to my friend, amazing momma, stylin’ television personality and legit dietician, Jennifer McDaniel.

Jen and I met at our local television station over eight years ago. I was brought on to share fitness tips with the St. Louis peeps, and Jen was brought on to share nutrition tips. We chatted before and after our segments, and a friendship was struck.

Many (more like tons) of you have asked me how to lose weight while going through menopause or the beginning stages of menopause. So, I reached out to Jen and asked if she would join me on our podcast and share with you how to help lose and/or maintain weight during this time of our life.

Here are a few topics we cover:

- Menopause weight gain – why it happens.

- The best foods to eat to help you lose weight during this time.

- The anti-weight gain menopause diet (yep, she tells us what to eat!)

- The one truth Jen shared that SHOCKED me (and it will change WHAT time you eat!)

- The best carbs to eat to maintain a lean body.

- What to avoid if you are struggling with your sleep.

While Jen and I dive into some serious business, we also enjoy a lot of laughs. We talk about what caused me not to poop, and why I love day drinking.

If you have some time today, I would love for you to listen to our podcast. I have been doing this for thirty-four years, and I LEARNED something new listening to Jen!

As always, I so appreciate you. And, I love your suggestions. Please continue to reach out with your ideas and comments.  It is why I do what I do.

Take care this week, make good choices and remember, invest in yourself :)

Much love,