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Boot Camp Challenge

May 1, 2019

Hi my friends, I hope you are having a most awesome day!

So last week, I sat down and had the best chat with Jillian Tedesco, founder and owner of Fit-Flavors, St. Louis, MO. This amazing store, actually there are now three, provides delicious prepared meals AND they provide the ingredients and macro nutrients so we know EXACTLY what we are eating.

And I think you are gonna LOVE this “real talk” between two entrepreneur/founders who are also moms and wives.

We started with Jillian’s origin story which is SO good! At one point in the story she shared she started this business in her home with nine (that is not a typo), NINE refrigerators in her living room and a piece of plywood on two horses.

We then took a turn and talked about how she is balancing it all. She has two children and a husband and three stores.  She gives the most awesome tips and one of my faves about balancing and “leveling up”.

We also talked about the following personal stuff:

  • What she did to combat anxiety and depression, and why she still does it today.
  • How she lost 17 pounds and kept it off.
  • The number one thing Jillian eats to feel full throughout the day.
  • The one wellness change that took me 8 months to make.

… And loads more. I truly enjoyed my time with Jillian. Not only is she super smart, full of wise nuggets and funny, she is soulful, real and transparent.

I hope you have an opportunity to take a listen to our coffee chat. And, I hope you enjoy Jillian as much as I did.

Have an amazing day!

Love you lots,