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Boot Camp Challenge

Apr 15, 2019

Hi my friends, I hope you are having a most awesome day!

So many of you have asked me over the years the following questions:

How do I get my husband to exercise without sounding like nag?

How do I get my kids to eat healthy when all they want is mac and cheese?

How to I steer my kids away from thinking they are fat?

How do I serve healthy meals my family will like and still include junk food?

So today we have some real talk about how to make your household healthy. But before we dive in, I need you to know it may take a long time. You will need to be patient if you are changing your households’ lifestyle.

And, lastly, don’t give up. This is a marathon, NOT a sprint.

I start off talking about your spouse. When asking your partner to join you on a wellness journey, whether it’s eating more veggies or starting an exercise program you have to remember it’s an individual journey. While you can be an encourager (which I talk about) and an educator, your person still has to make their own decision and find their own motivator. BUT there are ways you can help.

I then jump into your kids. I think this is a bit easier cuz you’re the boss and you have more control over your littles. You will be the one to teach them about healthy foods. You are the one who will require an hour of movement a day. You will be the one to make the lunches and provide the desserts. I share stories on how I did this with my three and how they felt about it.

I also share the following:

- How Tony went from a 30 pound weight gain to an Iron Man.

- How to incorporate Captain Crunch or donuts into your meal planning.

- How to get your kids to eat healthy foods.

- The number one thing to NOT talk about.

- What to do if your child does not like/play sports.

My friends, I hope I was able to provide you with some tips and tricks to get your family healthy. And, if you need more, always feel free to email me at A BIG THANK YOU for asking such great questions, taking the time to educate yourself and allowing me to be part of YOUR wellness journey.


Love you lots,