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Boot Camp Challenge

Nov 8, 2017

I want to start by apologizing for our delay in getting you our latest podcast. We had an emotional few weeks here at BCC headquarters but we are making our way back into our regularly scheduled programming (‘member that saying from network television?)

And, what a surprise podcast I have for you. I invited Tony (my hubby) to talk about our marriage. Whaaat?! I know!

And, I know you are thinking, “What does this have to do with fitness?" Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

So, why? Because of YOU. 

Many of you have asked Tony and I through the years about our marriage. How did we manage so many years? How do we still laugh with each other everyday? How can we possibly still like each other?

And, what are our qualifications? None. Absolutely zero.

Except, in May, we will celebrate thirty years of marriage. And, we are happy. Very happy.

And, we really like each other. Like, we really enjoy spending time together. And, we love each more today than we did thirty years ago.

Now, before you “ba humbug” out of this email and avoid this podcast because you think it is all sugar and spice and everything nice, hold up.

There were many battles fought to secure thirty years of togetherness. There were an obscene amount of tears, heartbreak and silent treatments to find our “happily ever after”.

And, there was a moment in which a decision had to be made, and I think you will be shocked when you hear what it was and the answer.

And, we share ALL of this. The good, the bad and the funk nasty.

And, we each also pick our top three strategies for a successful marriage.

And, here is a hint, they are all NOT the same!

Here is a sneak at what we discussed…

• The only thing that kept Tony married to me, and it happened over twenty years ago.

• The one voice I always call on to talk sense into Tony.

• Why I was never getting married.

• Who is Tony’s real #1.

Now, go grab a coffee or wine, grab your spouse, and push play. Then, you can join me and Toners for this really special episode of our BCC podcast.

As always, I feel blessed you are listening. Thank you for your time. I understand how important it is, and I will always try my best to provide you with the greatest information and content on the planet. And, if you have topics you would like me to cover or questions I can answer, please email me at And, obvi, it can be ANY topic!