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Boot Camp Challenge

Mar 4, 2019

Hi my friends,

I hope you are having a most awesome day!

I cannot WAIT for you to take a listen to my latest podcast! In it, I interview one of my campers (and brand new Air Force recruit!), Jillian Nurczyk, who shares her failures and successes in her journey to lose 30 pounds.

What I loved most about our interview was her honesty, her transparency, and her vulnerability.

And, when she tells her story, I realized it is all of OUR story. Everything she experienced is what we ALL experience when trying to make change.  No one gets through change without it just sucking really hard!

And, I loved she shared all her tips that led her to success. Here is what we talk about:

- What she did to push past her plateau to hit her goal weight.

- How she avoided sabotaging herself after eating a bad meal or a skipping workout.

- The biggest help to go from drinking soda all day to drinking water (and my hubby did it also).

- How she cut fast food out of her diet.

If you have any time, I would love, love, love you to take a listen to Jillian’s story.  And, I hope some of the tips she shared can help you on your wellness journey.

And, lastly, Jillian, I’m so freakin excited for your next journey of serving our country. I am so proud of you!

Hoo Aah!