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Boot Camp Challenge

Aug 21, 2019

Hey my friends, today I am introducing you to my friend, Virginia Kerr.

Virginia is well known around the St. Louis area as a television news anchor and the host of a show called The Thread St. Louis. Virginia also just outed herself on Instagram as struggling with alcohol.

I met Virginia a few years back while working on her show. We did a segment together and had a blast. We laughed, cut up and I think we actually got yelled at by the producer to get back to work!

When I drove home that day I remember thinking she definitely had it all together. A successful career in television. A happy marriage. An amazing healthy, son.

One evening as I was scrolling through Instagram, I came across one of her posts. It was November 8th, 2018. She just shared she drank two bottles a night of Chardonnay. And she didn’t want to do it anymore.

Honestly, I was shocked. Not that she drank two bottles of wine, but that she was “outing” herself on Instagram. And, asked us to hold her accountable!

As I continued to follow her journey, I fell more in love with her. I already knew she was fun and had a wicked sense of humor. Now I was discovering her inner strength. Her resolve to love herself. Her honesty and unapologetic candor about her inner demons.

I found her insta-diary fascinating. Some of the strategies she uses to stay sober I had used in saving my marriage. Some of the trauma she had to work through regarding her childhood were similar to my own. And, her courage to be what she was created to be, infectious.

And today, she is sharing her story with us. Put your listening ears on, chica’s, this episode is loaded with amazingness!

We take a deep dive into the following areas:
- How binge eating turned into binge drinking.
- Therapy and how it changed her life.
- The debilitating effect of shame.
- Toxic relationships and how she made the change.
- How we both relate to Eminem (yes, the artist!)

Remember, wellness isn’t just about moving your body, it’s also about changing your mindset.

Love you,



P.S. If you want to follow Virginia on social:
Instagram- @thisisvirginiakerr
Twitter - @VirginiaKerr
Facebook – @VirginiaKerr