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Boot Camp Challenge

Jan 17, 2018

Friend! How is January treating you? Here in the Lou, it is giving us the cold shoulder. And, by cold, I mean FREEZING!

But we are finally back at camp again and that makes me happy. I feel so much more myself when I am working with you. YOU never fail to inspire me (awwww, cue the sappy music :))

Over holiday break, I had the most amazing conversation with Angelo Bezzole. Angelo is married to our BCC trainer, Sammie Bezzole. And, I have known him for ten years. And, this is what I didn't know- he held the title of Mr. Universe for middle weight class - OMG!

When I learned of his experiences, shows and competitions, I was intrigued to hear about his strategies for becoming a world class athlete, the obstacles he faced when pursuing his dreams, and how he managed the discipline to maintain his level of fitness.

Then I asked him if he would share them with you. And, he said yes!

So, grab your coffee or wine and pull up a seat (or jump on your treadmill and take a walk. He will definitely inspire you to move!) and push-play on our latest podcast.

Here are a few things Angelo shares:

- What he chose to do over playing college football.

- Why being an athlete is the most selfish decision- and why you have to do it.

- Why 8 out of 10 people will fail to reach their goals.

- The ONE thing you need to find success - and it is NOT what you think!

One more thing- thank you. Thank you for listening to my podcast. Every time I put one out, I feel super blessed you take a listen.

And, I love your opinions and comments. Please keep sharing with me you what like and what you don't. And, I will continue making you podcasts that you want to hear!

Much love, xoxo