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Boot Camp Challenge

Oct 25, 2018

I am going to tackle a topic you have inquired about TONS.  You send me questions on this topic daily.  You talk about it on your social media often. You commiserate about it frequently.  

It is your DIET.

And by diet, I am not referring to a quick program, a fad weight loss scheme or a starvation situation.  I am referring to your daily intake of food.  What you consume to keep yourself alive.  That is how I define diet.

And here is an actual definition –

DIET (n) – the kinds of food a person, animal or community habitually eats.

And, what you fuss about on the daily is how to stay on track.  How to pick fruits and veggies instead of mac and cheese.  How to drink water instead of soda.  How to choose nutrition dense foods instead of junk foods.  Well, you don’t actually say “nutrition dense” those are my words.  You say “healthy for me” foods. :)

So, this podcast is dedicated to you and your DIET.  I give you FOUR tips that will not only help you to stay on track with your eating, but will also help you feel GREAT about you.  When you feel successful about your food choices, you just have a good day.

So, pour a coffee or cocktail, put your listening ears on and grab a notebook cuz you are gonna wanna take notes on this episode!  Here is some of what I chat about:

- You have to set a goal and write it on your ceiling.

- You need an accountability partner, or two, or three!

- Make sure you know YOU.  To thine own self be true–  totes stole this from Shakespeare.

- Buy yourself a gift, and make it a good one.

As always, I want you to know how much I appreciate you. I know time is our greatest commodity, and I appreciate yours.  And, I love that you take time to connect with me.  Please continue to send me your podcast ideas, your comments and your questions.  This podcast is for you.  And I want it to be worthy of your time.   Have a fabulous rest of your day and I will “see” you soon!