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Boot Camp Challenge

Jul 31, 2018

Hey friends, I hope you are having a fabulous week!

I just had the most amazing conversation with my friend and personal fashion stylist, Stacy Cody. She not only answered YOUR questions about fashion, clothes and how to dress YOUR body, she also dove deep into the psychology of how we dress ourselves and how and why it makes us feel the way we feel.

During our conversation, Stacy shared how a size on a tag can change our whole attitude for a day (good or bad) and why this number is such a lie (doesn’t this sound like a scale?!).

She also dives into how clothes make us feel. Put on a fabulous outfit and you will feel you can run the world. Isn’t it crazy how an amazing dress or pair of jeans can make us feel so confident?  

We also chat about dressing our bodies. She said most of us pick clothes that are TOO BIG for our bodies when we should be picking smaller sizes (amen to that!).

And, she goes on to answers a ton more questions to include:

- What to wear to make your hips look smaller

- How to make your boobs look bigger (I was asking for a friend)

- What is your body type and how to dress and look fabulous

- The SECRET on why we can wear up to FOUR different sizes

- Why petite and plus sizes are so hard to find.

If you have some time today, I would love for you to listen to our podcast. Spending time with Stacy was both so fun and super informative. We laughed and we nearly cried and everything in between.  

And, if you do take a listen, I would love your feedback.  Let me know what you like, what you don’t like and any suggestions you have for future podcasts.

Have a fabulous day and remember to show yourself some love this week.

Much love,