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Boot Camp Challenge

Oct 21, 2019

Hey chica’s, I hope you are having a fabulous day!

On this weeks’ episode, I invited Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg, Psy.D., (no relation to the movie theater people) to chat with you about anxiety, stress and worry.

And, OMG, she was amazing! Firstly, check out her resume: she is a coach and therapist, an author and an international trainer and speaker on topics related to psychotherapy for anxiety and depression, stress management and optimizing anxiety for achievement. Boom.

Secondly, she goes into to depth and explains the science of anxiety: why we do it, how we do it, and the benefits/pitfalls to our minds and bodies.  

Lastly, she shares SO MANY techniques and strategies to move through worry and anxiety. And, some of them, you can do all by yourself and cost ZERO dollars.

She also dives into the following:

  • How you can actually develop an anxiety disorder.
  • One of the biggest contributors to activating anxiety. (This shocked me).
  • The difference between worry and anxiety.
  • The BEST strategy to shift your mind when it’s in a state of anxiety.

She also said one of the best strategies to combat anxiety is MOVING! Regular, vigorous exercise is the absolute best way to build up brain chemistry that helps you stay positive, not worrying and not depressed. 

Exercise builds a healthy brain. Yep, she said that.

For those of you who struggle with worry, stress and/or anxiety, I so hope this intel helps you. Dr. Wehrenberg says at the end of the podcast that if you need additional help in your wellness journey to overcome anxiety, always reach out. Asking for help is the greatest gift to yourself. xoxo

Love you tons,