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Boot Camp Challenge

Dec 5, 2017

I hope you are having a most awesome Tuesday!

I want to share with you my newest podcast. This one is on stretching. DON'T CLICK OUT OF THIS! I know you are thinking you don't NEED to stretch. You don't WANT to stretch. You are NOT going to stretch. I know exactly what you are thinking cuz you have been telling me this for over thirty years!

But before you click out, give me 10 seconds to tell you why you should listen to this podcast.

I invited Sammie Bezzole (that right there is why you should listen cuz she is amazeballs) to talk about how she had to go from competitive dancer, fitness professional, and runner to attending aqua classes with the senior population (she was 22).

She also shares how she was able to wrap her head around doing yoga instead of running. I asked her how she was able to change her mindset, and her answer shocked me.

We get into a detailed discussion about acupuncture (we have both had it done), how stretching is no longer optional for either of us, and how there is only one person with whom you should compete (hint: it is NOT your spouse).

Lastly, Sammie shares how stretching is not only healing to the body but sanity for the mind.

Now, seriously, doesn't this sound like something you want to listen to while you are running or doing laundry or stretching? :)

Now, go grab some eye pillows (just kidding, you totes have to pay attention!) and join me for this stretching episode of our BCC podcast.

Oh, and one more thing; I never want to forget to say thank you. I feel honored you are listening. I appreciate your time. I totally understand how important it is, and I will always try my best to provide you with the greatest information and content on the planet.

I am truly thankful for you. I'm beyond blessed you are a part our BCC fitfam.

Much love, xoxo