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Boot Camp Challenge

Jul 3, 2018

Today I would like to introduce you to Bryan Daddio, my friend and the founder of Turbo Strapp, a heart rate monitor device.

Daddio and I had a great chat a few weeks back and had a blast. We both love to geek out on the science of heart rate training, heart rate monitoring, and how it affects the whole body.    

And, we are both total science nerds, especially on the topics of fitness, wellness, exercise and nutrition. AND, in this convo, you will hear all that. AND, we provide insight on how all of this relates to YOU.

Here are a few of the topics we discuss:

- Our thoughts on the Apple Watch, the Fitbit and the Garmin, and which is the best device.

- How you can change your BODY by understanding your heart rate, and what it means.

- Why RECOVERY may be more important than the work when trying to change your body.

- How monitoring your heart rate can make you faster and stronger.

- How exercising can make your babies smarter (this is forreals).

So, grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and settle in to listen to me and Daddio chat about heart health, heart rate monitors, the new technology, and how YOU can use it to change your body, woot!

As always, I so appreciate you taking time to listen. And, I love your feedback. Please feel free to reach out with your ideas, suggestions and comments. Take care this week, make good choices and remember, invest in yourself :)

Much love,