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Boot Camp Challenge

Aug 5, 2019

Hi my friends, I hope you are having a most awesome day!

You who watch me on a regular basis know one of my number one initiatives is to get everyone moving. And, by everyone, I mean 77% of the US population.

This is the number the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported of inactive adults – or people who did not exercise on a regular basis.

This both saddened me and made me mad.

So, I’ve decided I am going to move that needle, and the next time that report comes out, it will be 76%, then 75% and so on.

And, while I am a crusader and outlier fo-sho, I LOVE when other peeps have the same vision, same determination and some big coglioni’s (that’s Italian like our guest this week J) to make a difference.

And, one of these peeps is Bryan Daddio. Daddio is the creator of a platform called TurboTrack.Me. This platform allows trainers like me to provide YOU workouts anywhere, anytime and on your phone.

I was so excited when Daddio shared what he was creating. I was stoked he was seeing around the curve. I was inspired he was taking action and removing obstacles for people to move. I had to be a part.

As we have been working together to bring this vision to fruition, we have had multiple conversations. I am always curious of what inspires others, motivates them to move, and gives them the strength to keep moving forward.  And, this is his story.

You’ll be able to say you knew him when…!

I hope you enjoy our chat.

Love you so hard,