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Boot Camp Challenge

Oct 9, 2019

Hey chica’s, I hope you are having a fabulous day!

Today I welcome back Stacy Cody, stylist and fashion connoisseur. But today we are not talking about fashion. We are talking about Stacy’s wellness journey.

It begins over twenty years ago when she gained 22 pounds in four weeks. She continued to gain weight in 10 and 20 pound increments with no answers.

She went to her doctors and was told she just needed to east less and move more. They also said she had no will power. And, they said she had no disease. All of these statements were wrong.

Over the past five years I have watched Stacy move through this challenge. I’ve watched her frustration of not understanding what her body was doing. I’ve seen her anger at trying all the things to lose weight and nothing working. I’ve witnessed her fatigue in fighting for her wellness.

And, within the last 36 months, Stacy has finally found some answers, had some breakthroughs and has seen a weight loss of 50 pounds.

So, I asked her to share this most personal and intimate journey. And she said yes.

Today, she is sharing her story with you. She goes into detail of the ups, downs and super downs over the last two decades and also dives into the following:

• How she was misdiagnosed for twenty years.
• What caused the weight gain and how she finally found the answers.
• How working out caused weight GAIN.
• How she finally lost 50lbs.

And so much more. I hope you have time to take a listen. This journey is one of inspiration, dedication and motivation, fosho.

Love you tons,


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