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Boot Camp Challenge

Feb 27, 2018

I would like to introduce you to Mary Margaret! (Her real name is Margaret Bridgett but EVERYONE gets a nickname).

I met Mary Margaret over two years ago when she signed up for her first Boot Camp Challenge®. She was the first to arrive on the first day of camp. 5:10am, I believe (we start at 5:30am). She is so tiny, maybe 5ft tall. She has a huge smile and tons of energy.

She shared she had just started weight watchers and was ready to add exercise to her life. She said she had never exercised before, wasn’t sure if she could do it, but wanted to give it a go. She was so brave.

During her first year, Mary Margaret took all the exercise options. And, she walked. She told me she couldn’t run, but it was her goal. As the months passed, Mary started running. She also lost 30 pounds.

And then, she had a heart attack.

Yep, I said heart attack.

Mary Margaret was visiting with her daughter when the symptoms starting presenting themselves. And, she did what most of us would likely do: immediately went into denial. She thought it wasn't possible to be having a heart attack because she is young (56), working out for the first time in her life, and down in her weight!

But she WAS having a heart attack. And, in our latest podcast, Mary Margaret shares her whole story. In it, she tells us:

- The very first symptom she had, and why she thought it wasn't a heart attack.

- The one sign very common in women that most don't know about.

- What the doctor said saved her life (and she keeps doing to this day).

- The first question her cardiologist asks at every check-up.

Mary Margaret, thank you for being brave yet again and sharing your story. I know many of us are now armed with the knowledge to protect our hearts and the wisdom to know when to dial 911. xoxo

And to all of you who are listening to our podcast - thank you. I feel honored you are listening. I appreciate your time. I totally understand how important it is, and I will always try my best to provide you with the greatest information and content on the planet.

I am truly thankful for you. I'm beyond blessed you are a part our BCC fitfam.

Much love, xoxo