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Boot Camp Challenge

Jul 22, 2021

Tony contracted the Covid virus on Christmas Day, 2020. And seven months later is still dealing with lingering side effects.

Fatigue, check.
Heavy legs, check.
Head full of pressure, check.
Itchy skin, check.
Brain fog, check.
Loss of taste and smell, check.
The list goes on…

Until yesterday. Seven months later as fast as he lost it, it came back. 206 days later.

And it was so emotional. We laughed and we cried. And ran around smelling all the things. And tasting all the things. And then smelling all the things again.

And, if you know my husband, I give you zero guesses on his first meal. Yep, it was pizza.

It was a pretty amazing day.

And as we were talking throughout the day, I asked him what was the one thing that got through all those long months. He said hope.

So, I asked him if we would join me on a podcast to share his story with you and to hopefully, bring YOU hope.

And, he said yes. Cuz he’s awesome like that.

So, grab your coffee, wine, or your running shoes and hit play.

One more thing, if you are still struggling with Covid, keep the hope. We feel you and we are praying for you.

Again, so appreciate you taking the time to listen to our podcasts and share your thoughts, ideas, and comments. And, if you have any topics, you would like us to discuss in future podcasts, please email me and let me know. The best ideas always come from you.

Much love,
Lors and Tony