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Boot Camp Challenge

Dec 4, 2019

Hey chica’s, I hope you are having a fabulous day!

On this weeks’ episode, I am introducing you to my sweet, amazing friend, Lindsey Rainwater. She is a wife, mother of two, consultant, entrepreneur and founder of an organization called Women in Fitness Association (WIFA).

Lindsey and I met over ten years ago when we were both working and speaking at fitness conferences. Lindsey was in her twenties, single and hustling to build her career. And, unbeknownst to most of us, was struggling with alcohol.

Over the last decade, Lindsey moved through sobriety, married the man of her dreams, had two beautiful babies and became the founder of a non-profit to support women in the fitness industry.

Watching her navigate through such high highs and low lows with such grace and thankfulness inspired me to invite her on our podcast to share with you her tips and secrets for creating the life she loves.

As we dive into the conversation, Lindsey shares with us how self awareness helped her move through the troubling times in her life, the steps she took to make her whole and the building blocks she uses today to create a place for women to grow.

Lindsey also shares the following:

- What she decided to do at 27 years old that changed her life.

- Her motivator to start an organization for women in fitness.

- How she finds “balance” between work and family and how she renamed and reframed it.

- What every female entrepreneur needs to find success.

- The importance of having a mentor especially if you are a leader.

Thank you, Lindsey for sharing your amazing story with all of us. And, for the inspiration to get out there and create the life we want to lead. xoxo

And to all of you listening, thank YOU for your time, your ideas and your suggestions. You’re the best!

Love you so hard,

PS  Sorry for all my “um’s”.  Seriously, um, don’t even know what that was all about!