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Boot Camp Challenge

Sep 19, 2017

Hi to all you beautiful people!  

I had the opportunity to sit down and have an intimate conversation with my dear friend, Angel James.  Some of you in our BCC fam know her as Producer of the number one morning show on Fox 2 in St. Louis.  Some of you met her when she presented her media knowledge as a speaker at our national conference.  Some of you sweated with her as she participated in her very first Boot Camp Challenge®.  And ALL of you have seen her work on our BCC social platforms as she has become part of our social media team here at BCC.

But what you probably don’t know is her wellness journey.  With the loss of her dad and the changing of a twenty year career, Angel turned to fitness and discovered so much more than a workout. As we talked,  she shared how exercising became her new anxiety medicine, walking in the park became her church and telling her doctors NO to painkillers saved her life.  

What I liked best about my conversation with Angel was her transparency, her honesty and her vulnerability.  And, her story, like so many of your stories, is full of challenges, struggles and triumphs.  

Thank you, Angel, for being brave and putting yourself in “front” of the camera. I think many people do not think they have a choice when it comes to drugs.  Now they will know.  And, I believe your story will save lives.  Xoxo

And to all of you who are listening, just know, you ALWAYS have choices.  Hoo Aah!