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Boot Camp Challenge

Sep 25, 2018

Hi friend, I hope you are having a most awesome day.

I know I am always preaching to move your body, eat your veggies and drink water. But, there is something else I don’t talk about much but it is just as important if not MORE – SAFETY when exercising.

The news has been filled of late of tragedy striking young women as they run in their neighborhoods.  And, they were doing it “right”; jogging in the daylight, running in the “good” neighborhoods.

I started thinking about my own safety.  Sometimes, I run outside by myself (not often, but I have done it). What would I do if someone approached me with the intent to harm? I don’t carry a weapon. I don’t carry pepper spray (which, after this podcast, I am ordering some!) and I do not know any karate moves.

So, I decided to reach out to someone with over thirty years of experience with safety and protection.

Friends, please allow me to introduce you to Police Chief Steve Lewis.  He is the police chief with the Ellisville Police Department in St. Louis, MO.  Not only does he have decades of experience, he actually interviews criminals after they are incarcerated and asks them questions so he can provide US with the intel we need to lessen our odds of becoming a victim.

If you have any time today, I so encourage you to listen to this week’s episode.  Not only does the chief share the best strategies to protect ourselves, he also shares the following:

- How a nose booger, (yep, I said nose booger) saved a woman’s life.

- How the Electric Slide can provide you with a getaway.

- How to use your car as a weapon.

- The NUMBER one thing women need to know to put the odds ever in our favor :)

As always, I want you to know how much I appreciate you.  I love all your suggestions, your ideas and your comments! Please keep connecting with me and I will continue to bring you the best content on the planet! Too dramatic?  Okay, the bestest fitness, nutrition, safety intel in the world.  Still too big? How ‘bout I’ll just keep podcasting as long as you keep listening?  Yea, that’s better.

Have a fabulous rest of your day and stay SAFE!