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Boot Camp Challenge

Sep 18, 2019

Hey chica’s, one of the most requested topics for a podcast is coming to you today! Today’s episode - Menopause. 

So many of you are going through this, have gone through this or are beginning to think about going this. And, I’m not gonna lie, it is trying time.  

It is very common to struggle with sleep, to experience a weight gain, and to want to seriously punch people in the face. But I want you to know there is an end, and there is help. Tons of it.  

Firstly, we are going to talk about it so you don’t feel crazy.  

Secondly, you can talk to your medical team about it so you don’t feel crazy.   

Thirdly, you can go to your doctor and get drugs to you don’t feel crazy.  See, lots of solutions for you. 

And, I talk about many more. Here is list: 

  • Can I lose weight during menopause? 
  • What can I do about hot flashes? 
  • Is it normal to think about death constantly? 
  • What is dry vagina? 
  • How do you keep your sex life on track during this time? 

So, chica’s, grab a cocktail, you will probs need one for this podcast and settle in for some girl chat. 

If you have any questions after, please message me. I got you! 

Love you tons,