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Boot Camp Challenge

Jul 25, 2017

Hi all you beautiful people!  I hope you are having a most amazing day! 

This week, I have a very special guest with me.  Her name is Melissa Grattan and she had been launching BCC  in Upstate NY for over 10 years. Not only does she launch in her hometown she also brings BCC to major corporations such as Beechnut and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  Now for the personal stuff; we met over ten years ago and I still pee my pants when her husband tells the story of how we met.  And she has become a dear friend, a comrade in arms and a confidante.    And, I love her and her family J

In this weeks’ podcast, Melissa and I dive into the six MOST asked questions by campers and listeners, alike.

We tackle questions like, “how you can eat lots of calories and still lose weight?”

“What protein powders does BCC recommend?”

“I have to lose weight fast, will a quick diet work for me?”

And, “do you have to add extra calories on the days you workout?”

We also head into a few roundabouts and chat about kidney disease, my son Elijah and and why carbs are NOT bad!

So, grab a coffee or wine,  get your laundry going or push play when you get in your car.  And join me for some fitness talk.  Hoo aah! -Lors