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Boot Camp Challenge

Apr 24, 2018

I hope you got your learning ears on cuz I am bringing some nutrition truth bombs your way!  Today’s topic – FAD DIETS.

And, I brought back our expert scientist and registered dietician, Sarah Weitz, MS, RD, Michigan State professor and BCC nutritionist, woot!

Sarah takes us deep into the current fad diets to include the Whole 30 diet, the Keto diet and a titch of Atkins. 

I asked her ALL your questions, and, again, Sarah does not disappoint. 

She dives into the history of these diets, why they were created, how they made their way into the “fad diet” trend and why they work or don’t work.  She also drops the following bombs:

  • The number one reason we should AVOID the Keto diet.
  • The one missing ingredient of the Whole 30 diet plan that makes it a FAD.
  • Peanuts are not at all what they are cracked up to be (and this shocked me!)
  • The number one food group we need to eat to lower our cholesterol.

I always love conversing with Sarah on all things diet and nutrition.  And, I hope you do, too! 

So grab a coffee or wine (unless you are on the Whole 30 diet) and take a listen. We packed a whole lotta info in this one!

And, I know I say it in every email, but I am so thankful for YOU.  I so appreciate you taking time to listen to our podcasts and share your thoughts, ideas, and comments.  And, if you have any topics you would like us to discuss in future podcasts, please email me and let me know.  The best ideas always come from you.

Much love, xoxo