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Boot Camp Challenge

Aug 8, 2017

I hope you are having a most awesome day!

I can't WAIT for you to listen to our newest podcast that just dropped!

Why am I so excited? Because in this podcast, our newest Boot Camp Challenge® trainer, Jenn Mcallister, dives deep into her own personal battle with weight. From how she'd lose it, gain it back, lose it, and gain it back again- the vicious cycle that ended up with her topping off the scale at 275 pounds. She holds nothing back as she discusses the bullying, her own self esteem, hiding in the gym, and feeling as if she wasn't skinny enough to even be there.

Now, thanks to Boot Camp Challenge®, she's nearly lost 100 pounds and is sharing her journey with others-- as a trainer. She's walked the walk and now she's talking the talk. She knows the pain. She knows the struggle. She knows the journey- because she's lived it. She'll tell you the one thing that finally turned the page for her, how avoiding the scale is a joke you're telling yourself, and how she was able to turn HATERS into MOTIVATORS. 

But, more importantly, she shares how becoming a trainer wasn't just something she wanted to do. It's something she's been CALLED to do. She shares how she knows she will fall again, but also knows she has to be there for her campers, as much as they are now there for her. Accountability, holding on as a team, and making each other better- it's what we do here at Boot Camp Challenge®.

So grab a cup of coffee or wine, get your laundry going, and join me for a chat as I’ll share with you Jenn's story. And, it is a good one!